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I find it’s really interesting to read through some of the post on topic 3 and while reading, it got me some new ideas that I would like to share in this post.

Through Clinton’s post, I realised that sometimes people do not think strategically when establishing an online professional profile. In my previous post, I mentioned a lot about being self-aware on what you are sending out to people. However, most crucial part is whether the content you posted are being recognised by others or reached out to your intended audience. In my previous post, I mentioned about using the right platform based on the nature of your work but adding the right person into your network is also important. Having the right person in your network helps you to add in credibility in your image. For example, if I’m in the digital industry and I have Mark Zuckerberg as one of my connection, it sends a message across to my audience that I’m actually good in what I’m doing and had make some reputable connection in this industry.

Another idea that hit me when going through blog posts is the use of videos to establish an authentic online professional profile like the use of Vines and YouTube. There are many cases where people actually become more famous (I meant the good way) through videos which help to showcase their creativity and pulling in the distance between people online as the way you move and talk in the video can be seen and heard.  Below are 2 videos that has attracted my attention and successfully created an online profile for themselves.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed exploring on this topic and make me realised how much I can do to expose myself to the world by building an authentic online professional profile.

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