Reflective Summary – A reminder for myself!


Reading my classmates’ post got me thinking if social media was really a good addition into people’s life. Most people have been so caught up in using this innovative form of communication and information sharing tool that they have forgotten about many other important things in life.

Through reading Nicole’s post, it makes me realised that people are using social media to gauge the worth of themselves. They have been so caught up in the fame that they have forgotten that they actually have a life outside the virtual world. Businesses have been making use these models and bloggers’ influencing power to get to their goals and alters viewers’ perceptions of what’s being good or bad.

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For instance, there are cases whereby ladies compared themselves to the models online that they tried to starve themselves to look like them whereas the truth behind models’ good looking pictures is the technique of editing. Due to this unethical act of businesses trying to portray the perfect slim body for ladies, it causes many girls to end up suffering from anorexia or even depression as mentioned in Nicole’s post. So now, do you think having a perfect slim body is a good thing anymore?

Another lesson I learnt from Vanna’s post is about companies bashing enemies using social media.This prove to me that in order for companies to reach their goals, they do not care if their action is ethical or not and this must change because I believe that social media is not created to serve unethical purpose. Additionally, businesses are also putting themselves at risk as their reputation will be affected once the unethical action is being revealed.

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With this exposure of the unethical acts of businesses, I would like to remind myself to know the balance in using social media. It is just a tool that can HELP us in life. It does not fully define us as to who we are.



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