My #MANG2049 Journey

Hi Guys!

Here comes the last post for #MANG2049! It has been an amazing experience living and working on the web for the past two weeks. Before #MANG2049, I was very excited because it’s my very first experience using Live Hangout to communicate with people from overseas and also I finally don’t have to wake up early for school.

In the beginning, I do not know what to expect from this module. However, after going through, I think my biggest reward is knowing how to get my online identity right. It never came across to me that having a good online identity will help me in my future progression until I go through Topic 2 and 3. I’ve came to understand that people actually put in effort in managing how they portray themselves online. For example, creating a professional online image by utilizing different social media platform to showcase their talent and passion as well as sharing valuable information that relates to the industry they are in.

LinkedIn             Facebook           Twitter               Youtube           Instagram

Another amazing skill that I’ve gained is being more independent in my learning. In the beginning, I was lost as I’m used to going through lesson first before doing any assignment but for this module, I have to spend most of the time researching and reading up articles and blogs in order to understand the concept of the topic. Hence, MANG2049 trained me to be more responsible in my learning.

Lastly, this module also motivates me to constantly thinking of ways to make my content more engaging. For instance, writing my post in a different style and adding interesting videos and images into my blog post that is helpful in delivering my message across without using any words. Hence, for the very last post for this module, I would like to introduce to you a video that I’ve created using Powtoon to talk about my development of my online professional profile and how I’ve change from the past to the present after attending MANG2049.

tripadvisor 1

Tripadvisor’s profile

Review for a Hong Kong’s restaurant that I love

On the whole, I feel that MANG2049 has become a stepping stone for me to develop a strong professional online identity in the future by helping me to build a strong foundation on how to fully and correctly utilize the social media platform. Through developing my LinkedIn profile, I realised how important it is to have significant experience and skills that can showcase my talents and characteristics as well as the connection I have. Hence, to prepare myself for the working world, I will take every opportunity I have to expose myself to new experience and build up my network with people who have the same interest as me. In addition, I will also constantly update my professional online identity through sharing of interesting posts and comments as well as following accounts that share valuable information that would help me in my learning.

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Reflective Summary : Can open access apply to all materials?

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Reading through the different blogposts, many of my classmates agreed that having open access to academic articles helps them in their studies. Materials like academic articles can be open access to everyone as it helps to improve and explore new ideas as well as benefit the author themselves. However, what about the other materials?

After reading Nicole and Audrey post, I’ve learn that materials like videos, music and news articles have their way in approaching open access and I wonder if academic article can applied the same concept too. As mentioned by Stephanie, content producer can actually tried to charge a fee once the content producer has already achieved some sort of recognition and awareness of his/her previous works. Like ITunes, they actually charge a fee when people want to download music and people do download from there and I believe it’s because people know that the music is worth downloading. Same for articles, if there is a way to prove that the article is worthy for them to read then I believe people will pay for it so as to gain access to it.

On the other hand, the video Ryan post got me thinking if every material should be openly access by people. In the video, it mentioned that the web Prodigy Aaron feels that law cases should be openly access to everyone and he tried to create a website where people can upload their purchased material and upload to his website so that it can be read by others. However, it got him into trouble as people feels that it should be confidential and only certain people can have access to it.

So as to sum up, I feel that it very much depends on the purpose and importance of the material. Confidential information that involve political importance should be monitored closely on who are using it so open access may not be a good idea but materials like academic articles and music videos can be open access to a certain timing. For example, a trial period can be applied and after a certain hours or days of using it, a price will be charged.


As a content producer, what do you want?

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As a student, having access to academic articles has become an important element in my education. It helps me to get a better understanding of subject by exposing me to different ideas and concept of the topic. With open access, I am grateful that I do not have to pay to read these articles because as a student, we do not have the financial ability to pay for every article we read.

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There are many articles saying that open access is good but mostly is about the user of those materials not the content producer. Hence, it got me thinking what if I am the content producer. Is it beneficial for me? Thus, I reflect on my purpose when writing blog post like this which is to get as many people to read as possible and explore my ideas further and if my content ever helps my readers to improve on their understanding of this topic, I actually feel a sense of achievement.

With open access to my materials, many people can easily access to my work and if it is insightful, people will use it. With citation, it helps to increase my credibility and raise awareness to my opinion to this subject. For the past few topics, we talk about creating an online profile so just imagines the impression you will create for yourself when the article you have written is being well-received by the readers.

On the other hand, if I were to make my material open access, how do I cover my cost and how can I protect my work from being misused. By making my material open access, it means that I have to pay for the publication fees so that other people can easily enjoy my hard work for free. After reading many articles, research has shown that there are grants that helps to cover author’s research cost. As for the possibility of plagiarism, open access actually helps to spot plagiarism because once a person copied your work without citing your sources will be easily identified by the timestamp of your work when publish online. For extra protection for your work, content producer can also apply for copyright licenses.

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In conclusion, there are many pros and cons to consider when deciding on using the open access approach but by the end of the day, you have to see for yourself the purpose in creating the content is to earn money or to share information. For me, I’m willing to share my information openly but being content producer will not be my main job unless I was being paid to be a content producer.

Below are videos and image that helps me in my learning for open access

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Click for clearer image — > Source :
optimised_education (1)
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Reflective Summary – A reminder for myself!


Reading my classmates’ post got me thinking if social media was really a good addition into people’s life. Most people have been so caught up in using this innovative form of communication and information sharing tool that they have forgotten about many other important things in life.

Through reading Nicole’s post, it makes me realised that people are using social media to gauge the worth of themselves. They have been so caught up in the fame that they have forgotten that they actually have a life outside the virtual world. Businesses have been making use these models and bloggers’ influencing power to get to their goals and alters viewers’ perceptions of what’s being good or bad.

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For instance, there are cases whereby ladies compared themselves to the models online that they tried to starve themselves to look like them whereas the truth behind models’ good looking pictures is the technique of editing. Due to this unethical act of businesses trying to portray the perfect slim body for ladies, it causes many girls to end up suffering from anorexia or even depression as mentioned in Nicole’s post. So now, do you think having a perfect slim body is a good thing anymore?

Another lesson I learnt from Vanna’s post is about companies bashing enemies using social media.This prove to me that in order for companies to reach their goals, they do not care if their action is ethical or not and this must change because I believe that social media is not created to serve unethical purpose. Additionally, businesses are also putting themselves at risk as their reputation will be affected once the unethical action is being revealed.

Source :
Source :

With this exposure of the unethical acts of businesses, I would like to remind myself to know the balance in using social media. It is just a tool that can HELP us in life. It does not fully define us as to who we are.


Does right and wrong means anything to you?

What is unethical means to you? What it takes for you to be successful? Have you ever thought that what you see may not be the truth of what is being represented? What can we do to avoid unethical acts on social media?

Using social media has very much instilled in my life. Whenever there is free time or when I wanted to look out for information, my natural instinct was to browse through social media for reviews. Instagram and Blogs are very much used in Singapore and people gauge the success and reliability based on the number of viewers and followers. However, is that really the truth?

One ethical issue that I’m most particular about is the way of conduct of the businesses or person that is using the social media. As a marketer, what we look for is to understand our target audience and find the best way to reach out to them and make our businesses or product known. With the thought of success in mind, people tend to forget what is wrong and right to do. In order to succeed, there are people buying followers to prove that they are well-received by the readers and there are businesses paying well-known bloggers to write reviews that may not be the truth as to what their products have to offer.

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From my previous post, I have talk about creating an authentic professional online profile helps to improve credibility to your viewers. In my opinion, authentic professional profile does not mean creating false information and post it on the web to influence readers to do a certain action like buying of products. To me, even they are being paid to do so, they should disclaim it so that viewers knows that to a certain degree the information may be further exaggerate or the bad points of the products is not being mentioned.

You can find many ways online to show you how to spot an unethical post but here is my tips to you.

1.Read up on different reviews from different bloggers. It does not matter whether they have many followers or viewers.

2.Check out whether the bloggers have the habit of putting #sponsoredpost and you know she/he is speaking the truth that it is a marketing post.

Source :
Click for clearer image Source :
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Click for clearer image Source :

3.Cross reference with the review from the bloggers and the comments of the readers and other reviews sites to see if there is a consistent of information.

In conclusion, it is important to be honest and responsible when using social media as a channel for information. For the past few post, it is a point that I emphasize on repeatedly to be responsible in online activities. Hence, please keep in mind that no matter what you are using social media for, it is important to be smart and responsible.

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Guys,It’s time to reflect!

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I find it’s really interesting to read through some of the post on topic 3 and while reading, it got me some new ideas that I would like to share in this post.

Through Clinton’s post, I realised that sometimes people do not think strategically when establishing an online professional profile. In my previous post, I mentioned a lot about being self-aware on what you are sending out to people. However, most crucial part is whether the content you posted are being recognised by others or reached out to your intended audience. In my previous post, I mentioned about using the right platform based on the nature of your work but adding the right person into your network is also important. Having the right person in your network helps you to add in credibility in your image. For example, if I’m in the digital industry and I have Mark Zuckerberg as one of my connection, it sends a message across to my audience that I’m actually good in what I’m doing and had make some reputable connection in this industry.

Another idea that hit me when going through blog posts is the use of videos to establish an authentic online professional profile like the use of Vines and YouTube. There are many cases where people actually become more famous (I meant the good way) through videos which help to showcase their creativity and pulling in the distance between people online as the way you move and talk in the video can be seen and heard.  Below are 2 videos that has attracted my attention and successfully created an online profile for themselves.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed exploring on this topic and make me realised how much I can do to expose myself to the world by building an authentic online professional profile.

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Will you hire me?

In this competitive world, companies are constantly trying to attract and retain new talents. Based on a survey from Jobvite, recruiters are now focusing on using social to help them in their recruiting process. Hence, to stand out from the crowd, it’s necessary for people to create an authentic online professional profile to integrate credibility into your personal brand.

Below are 3 ways you can create an authentic online professional profile;

  1. Be mindful
Click the image for a clearer view. Source :

As shown above, recruiters actually look into candidate’s social profile and it can be a deciding factor for hiring candidates. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of what you post online. If you want to post something that you think your future or current employers may not want to see, make sure you create another online identity and private it. However, my suggestion is still not to post any inappropriate comments or photos online to minimize the chance of affecting your image. Who knows? Maybe an inappropriate comment you post online can suddenly be viral and creates much attention. Just like the video below that I going to show you.

  1. Know what are the channels you can use
Click the image for a clearer view Source :

Nowadays, there are many social media platform for candidates to build up their image. The most popular social platform now will be LinkedIn. However, people can actually use blog like WordPress to make your profile even more outstanding by showcasing your knowledge and passion for the industry you are interested in.

Therefore, I think it is important for people to not stick to one social media platform but to see the nature of your industry. If it requires you to have interaction then maybe Facebook or Twitter is the best channel to focus on so employers can understand your characteristics based on the way you share information and communicate with others.

Here is a link that can be useful to help you understand which social platform to use.

  1. Understand yourself
 Source :
Source :

It is essential for a candidate to know what their strengths are and weaknesses so that they can come out with solutions to mitigate their weaknesses as well as to enhance their strengths. This actually shows your recruiters that you are genuine as to who you are and helps you to boost your credibility in your online image.

On a whole, to create an authentic online professional profile, it is vital for people to be mindful of how they portray themselves online.

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