My #MANG2049 Journey

Hi Guys!

Here comes the last post for #MANG2049! It has been an amazing experience living and working on the web for the past two weeks. Before #MANG2049, I was very excited because it’s my very first experience using Live Hangout to communicate with people from overseas and also I finally don’t have to wake up early for school.

In the beginning, I do not know what to expect from this module. However, after going through, I think my biggest reward is knowing how to get my online identity right. It never came across to me that having a good online identity will help me in my future progression until I go through Topic 2 and 3. I’ve came to understand that people actually put in effort in managing how they portray themselves online. For example, creating a professional online image by utilizing different social media platform to showcase their talent and passion as well as sharing valuable information that relates to the industry they are in.

LinkedIn             Facebook           Twitter               Youtube           Instagram

Another amazing skill that I’ve gained is being more independent in my learning. In the beginning, I was lost as I’m used to going through lesson first before doing any assignment but for this module, I have to spend most of the time researching and reading up articles and blogs in order to understand the concept of the topic. Hence, MANG2049 trained me to be more responsible in my learning.

Lastly, this module also motivates me to constantly thinking of ways to make my content more engaging. For instance, writing my post in a different style and adding interesting videos and images into my blog post that is helpful in delivering my message across without using any words. Hence, for the very last post for this module, I would like to introduce to you a video that I’ve created using Powtoon to talk about my development of my online professional profile and how I’ve change from the past to the present after attending MANG2049.

tripadvisor 1

Tripadvisor’s profile

Review for a Hong Kong’s restaurant that I love

On the whole, I feel that MANG2049 has become a stepping stone for me to develop a strong professional online identity in the future by helping me to build a strong foundation on how to fully and correctly utilize the social media platform. Through developing my LinkedIn profile, I realised how important it is to have significant experience and skills that can showcase my talents and characteristics as well as the connection I have. Hence, to prepare myself for the working world, I will take every opportunity I have to expose myself to new experience and build up my network with people who have the same interest as me. In addition, I will also constantly update my professional online identity through sharing of interesting posts and comments as well as following accounts that share valuable information that would help me in my learning.

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