Reflective Summary : Can open access apply to all materials?

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Reading through the different blogposts, many of my classmates agreed that having open access to academic articles helps them in their studies. Materials like academic articles can be open access to everyone as it helps to improve and explore new ideas as well as benefit the author themselves. However, what about the other materials?

After reading Nicole and Audrey post, I’ve learn that materials like videos, music and news articles have their way in approaching open access and I wonder if academic article can applied the same concept too. As mentioned by Stephanie, content producer can actually tried to charge a fee once the content producer has already achieved some sort of recognition and awareness of his/her previous works. Like ITunes, they actually charge a fee when people want to download music and people do download from there and I believe it’s because people know that the music is worth downloading. Same for articles, if there is a way to prove that the article is worthy for them to read then I believe people will pay for it so as to gain access to it.

On the other hand, the video Ryan post got me thinking if every material should be openly access by people. In the video, it mentioned that the web Prodigy Aaron feels that law cases should be openly access to everyone and he tried to create a website where people can upload their purchased material and upload to his website so that it can be read by others. However, it got him into trouble as people feels that it should be confidential and only certain people can have access to it.

So as to sum up, I feel that it very much depends on the purpose and importance of the material. Confidential information that involve political importance should be monitored closely on who are using it so open access may not be a good idea but materials like academic articles and music videos can be open access to a certain timing. For example, a trial period can be applied and after a certain hours or days of using it, a price will be charged.



As a content producer, what do you want?

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As a student, having access to academic articles has become an important element in my education. It helps me to get a better understanding of subject by exposing me to different ideas and concept of the topic. With open access, I am grateful that I do not have to pay to read these articles because as a student, we do not have the financial ability to pay for every article we read.

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There are many articles saying that open access is good but mostly is about the user of those materials not the content producer. Hence, it got me thinking what if I am the content producer. Is it beneficial for me? Thus, I reflect on my purpose when writing blog post like this which is to get as many people to read as possible and explore my ideas further and if my content ever helps my readers to improve on their understanding of this topic, I actually feel a sense of achievement.

With open access to my materials, many people can easily access to my work and if it is insightful, people will use it. With citation, it helps to increase my credibility and raise awareness to my opinion to this subject. For the past few topics, we talk about creating an online profile so just imagines the impression you will create for yourself when the article you have written is being well-received by the readers.

On the other hand, if I were to make my material open access, how do I cover my cost and how can I protect my work from being misused. By making my material open access, it means that I have to pay for the publication fees so that other people can easily enjoy my hard work for free. After reading many articles, research has shown that there are grants that helps to cover author’s research cost. As for the possibility of plagiarism, open access actually helps to spot plagiarism because once a person copied your work without citing your sources will be easily identified by the timestamp of your work when publish online. For extra protection for your work, content producer can also apply for copyright licenses.

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In conclusion, there are many pros and cons to consider when deciding on using the open access approach but by the end of the day, you have to see for yourself the purpose in creating the content is to earn money or to share information. For me, I’m willing to share my information openly but being content producer will not be my main job unless I was being paid to be a content producer.

Below are videos and image that helps me in my learning for open access

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