Reflective Summary for Topic 2


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After reading my classmate’s post, it was interesting to know that there is a mix reviews on creating one or more online identities. Some people feel that creating more online identities me
ans it is being dishonest online as you are creating different identity about yourself.

I also understand another concern of people creating multiple online identities is the possibility of people abusing it. For example, people creating fake accounts to carry out fraud and cyberbullying.  I actually saw many cases whereby people creating fakes accounts so that they can post negative comments on other people’s profile or statuses or those who create fake accounts so that they can harasses other people online.

Hence, I actually agreed on the points that Ryan and Pearlyn brought up in their post. For Ryan, he mentioned that even if people were to create multiple online identities, people should also be professional even in a personal context and I feel that it is something people should take note. Even though it is for personal use and it will be more informal, people should also beware of what they post and be civilised in their comments and behaviour online.

Pearlyn also mentioned in her post that it actually much depends on how the person is using their online identity. If creating more than one online identity meaning they can abuse it and creating nuisance online then may be encouraging people to create multiple online identities may not be a good idea.

In conclusion, I feel that people should take responsibility in the way they behave online. Every ways has it pros and cons. If everyone plays their part in making civilised action online then it would not be a problem for people to create multiple online identities and creates concerns about people abusing it.

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