Reflective Summary on Topic 1

After reading all the posts, I’m glad that I’m on track with the concept of this topic. It has given me great insight and inspires me to think further on the good and bad about digital “resident” and “visitor”.

I’ve seen people saying they wanted to move themselves toward being a digital “resident” which gives me an impression that digital “resident” is better than digital “visitor” because they are more active in creating their online profile and network. There are cases which people are blinded by the success in creating a prominent digital image that they are affecting others and maybe even themselves like cyber bullying which can turn out to be an ugly situation. On the other hand, if people are toward the “visitor” approach, they are missing out using this social platform as a tool to help strengthen their relationship with others and keeping up with the trend?

Hence, after reflecting on issue like this, I’ve come into the conclusion that it is up to me to find a balance on both. Being a visitor, I have to be good in analysing and knowing the right way to use the information and as a resident, I can make use of the social platform to help me in my private and work life but it is important that I would not abuse the functionality of the tools.

In conclusion, the concept of digital “visitor” and “resident” helps me to be more aware of how I use the internet as well as a better understanding of the people’s behaviour in using the internet. I also feel that there can be more in-depth information like the implication of being the extreme end of both approach as well as the limitation of this concept.

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