Self-Test on Digital Literacy


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Below is a self-test on how experience I am in digital literacy. (1 being no experience and 5 being very experience)

Some may not know much about what digital literacy is. It is having the ability to utilize valid and reliable information from the internet or any other sources of online information to facilitate in your work.

Nowadays, digital technologies is very much involved in our daily life and with the rapid growth of technologies, it is important for people to understand the appropriate and responsible ways in handling and creating online information.

Self Test 

  1. Accessing, managing and evaluating online information (Rating : 3)
    • Being a student, having the ability to search and evaluate reliable and valid information is a must to have. However, there are many cases in which people are creating false information online. Therefore, I feel that there are still room for improvement for me to develop my skills in evaluating the credibility of information.
  2. Participating in online communities (Rating : 1)
    • So far, I have no experience participating  in any online communities. What I usually do is read up on people’s opinion about certain discussion I’m interested in.
  3. Building online networks around an area of interest (Rating : 2)
    • During my free time, I’ll usually look out for interesting travel post so I created a Facebook group with close friends in it to share information or tips about interesting places to visit
    • I’m a foodie too so I’ll post pictures of food that I cooked or I’ve eaten that is worthy for me to post on Instagram.
    • I like to be a bit private in sharing my post so I usually private my accounts and only share it with selective people which can be a weakness because the exposure is minimal.
  4. Collaborating with others (Rating : 3)
    • Collaborating with others in a sense of using internet tools to make work easier then it’s a yes. During internship and project work, google doc,hangout and Facebook is one of the few channels that is being used frequently to communicate and share information with each other. Even though I have some experience in using online tools with others but I feel that I can explore ways that can help me be use it more effectively.
  5. Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video) (Rating : 2)
    • Last time I used to blog a lot but nowadays, it’s getting lesser and lesser. For online materials like images and videos will be posting up photos and collage videos on Instagram.
  6. Managing your online identity (Rating : 2)
    • So far, the few social media channels that I have right now  is Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Would like to explore Linkedin next.
  7. Managing your online privacy and security (Rating : 3)
    • I’ve mentioned earlier that I’m a bit reserve in sharing my post to everyone so almost all my social media is a private account and only sharing my post to selected people.

After doing this self-test activity, I realised that my knowledge toward digital literacy is very basic and I feel that I can explore more and do better in effectively utilizing the functionality. Hope that after this module, I’m able to improve on the way I portray myself online as well as utilizing the function effectively.

My Score for this test is 16/35.

So here you go…Try it out if you haven’t do so and feel free to drop in any comments or suggestion about this post! 🙂


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